From the Chairman

Councillor Peter Shinton Chairperson Association of Mining Related Councils

The Association represents a diverse number of New South Wales local government councils with an interest in mining and the developing coal seam gas (CSG) industry.

The need for a representative organisation for local communities and their councils has never been greater. The current challenges created by mining and the CSG industries have caused considerable dialogue between communities and the three levels of government. The Association with its strong member base and the expertise within the councils means governments are prepared to listen to the organisation on all current issues.

The development of large scale mining in local areas places pressure on the finances of affected councils and their communities. The Association is represented on the NSW government’s Resources for Regions Panel through the organisation’s Chief Executive Officer which allows the Association  to be involved in funding  decisions by the state government for the provision of social and physical infrastructure where mining has expanded.

Currently the Association is developing a policy and positions statement on voluntary planning agreements (VPAS) which represent another avenue of funding if agreements can be established with the mining companies operating in the local areas.

The organisation is regularly consulted by the state government and its departments in relation to the ever changing legislation surrounding mining and CSG developments. The Association is therefore a cost effective solution for a local government council that has mining in its area and has need of support for the associated ongoing negotiations with government and the private sector.

Councillor  Peter Shinton
Association of Mining Related Councils